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CVS update: /openetl/


Author ernani_joppert
Full name Ernani Joppert Pontes Martins
Date 2004-07-21 12:49:22 PDT
Message User: ernani_joppert
Date: 04/07/21 12:49:22

  .project, .cvsignore, README_DEVELOPMENT.txt, .classpath

 Eclipse files and development cookbook.

File Changes:

Directory: /openetl/

File [added]: .project
Url: http://openetl.tigri​s.org/source/browse/​openetl/.project?rev​=1.1&content-typ​e=text/vnd.viewcvs-m​arkup
Added lines: 17
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

File [added]: .cvsignore
Url: http://openetl.tigri​s.org/source/browse/​openetl/.cvsignore?r​ev=1.1&content-t​ype=text/vnd.viewcvs​-markup
Added lines: 1

File [added]: README_DEVELOPMENT.txt
Url: http://openetl.tigri​s.org/source/browse/​openetl/README_DEVEL​OPMENT.txt?rev=1.1​&content-type=text​/vnd.viewcvs-markup
Added lines: 22
This file was written to developers

If you want to contribute to this project, mail me at ernani at javamail dot org

This project is an eclipse project.

I am using the 3M8 release.

I am now checking out some swing designers to make the development of
the UI more fast, but it is not decided yet, so hence we decide to do it by hand
or with a UI designer tool.

Another issue is the package organization.

It must have a package named org.tigris.openetl and the related modules of the
project winch will be described later.

For now it is what is needed to know..


Ernani Joppert

File [added]: .classpath
Url: http://openetl.tigri​s.org/source/browse/​openetl/.classpath?r​ev=1.1&content-t​ype=text/vnd.viewcvs​-markup
Added lines: 6
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <classpathentry kind="src" path="src"/>
    <classpathentry kind="con" path="org.eclipse.jd​t.launching.JRE_CONT​AINER"/>
    <classpathentry kind="output" path="bin"/>

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CVS update: /openetl/ ernani_joppert Ernani Joppert Pontes Martins 2004-07-21 12:49:22 PDT
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